Limestone is a great natural stone for using as an exterior stone for your home for many reasons. Limestone is a stone that will weather naturally over the years to give your home a beautifully unique look. Builders like using limestone for the exterior of homes due to its even texture and its ability to sculpt and tailor it easily to fit the look they want it to. As far as durability, Limestone will maintain its integrity for years and years.

Despite its durability for the exterior of your home, one place you may want to avoid using it is in your kitchen. Limestone is not a stone to use where it will be put to use in a functional situation, like a kitchen counter. It is a porous stone, meaning it can scratch and stain easily. With its even texture and ability to be sculpted and tailored, the versatile limestone is an excellent natural stone for your home exterior. Limestone weathers naturally, and so, over the years, it will give your home an enviable, distinctive look.

Highly resilient and with superior fire-resistant characteristics, limestone will maintain its structural integrity for many years. Also thermally stable, limestone will reduce your heat and cooling needs, ensuring greater comfort for your family, a reduction in energy costs.

However, being a porous stone, limestone may scratch and stain easily. Therefore, it is best to avoid using it in functional areas such as your kitchen counters.

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