Sandstone is a rock that develops from sand turning to a stone material hard enough to be used as a building material. The natural rock is a pleasure for builders to work with because of its ease to chisel and cut into just about any shape or size desirable. It’s often used when a type of pattern in the exterior surface is desired. One of the most popular traits of this type of stone is it’s reflective nature. As the sun moves, it causes the surface of the stone to change colors which can create a beautiful look to your home’s exterior. Whatever color you’re looking for for your home’s exterior, you are sure to find it when you choose sandstone as your home’s exterior. Choose from white, pink, orange, yellow, and even purple hues.

This remarkable stone is usually known for its use in outdoor spaces such as driveways or gardens. Widely acclaimed for its natural strength, durability and slip-resistant properties, sandstone can be comfortably placed in areas where water is used, such as lawns and pools.

Sandstone is not only able to withstand the harshest climates but increases in value and aesthetic appeal over time. It is also ultra low-maintenance and can easily be cleaned with just plain water. It also retains its original colour even after being exposed to sunlight and other elements. Colours vary from white to pink, orange, yellow, and even purple hues.

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